headshotI am a biologist by training, and I have loved spending time outdoors since I was a little boy. I discovered my passion for nature photography at university, after I borrowed my father’s EOS 650 SLR and a mouldy 50mm prime for a trip to Slovenia!

I am currently in a transition period, having recently moved back to the Netherlands for work. For the six years prior to the move, I was lucky to live in Edinburgh, which has some fantastic coastal scenery close by, and is just a short drive away from the spectacular Scottish Highlands.

When time permitted, the Scottish Highlands were within easy reach. I am an avid hiker and hillwalker, which is a great way to access more remote photo locations which give me more satisfaction and are more unspoilt than the well-known locations close to the main roads. I’ve been increasingly prioritising wild camping on higher levels over other photographic endeavours, as it is an excellent way to connect even better with the landscape and to maximise the opportunities for photographing in great light.

My main projects (if that’s what you can call them) during my time in Edinburgh were the mountains of the Scottish highlands and the East Lothian coast. Please select a gallery by clicking on a thumbnail here. A smaller sample of representative photographs from the various galleries can be found in my portfolio.



I’m far from a gear head, but some people always find it interesting to know what gear is being used to create photographs. All of my work on this website has been taken with a Canon full-frame camera (Canon EOS 5D and more recently a Canon EOS 6D) and high quality zoom lenses. Currently my lens collection consists of:

  • 16-35L f4 IS
  • 24-105L f4 IS
  • 70-200L f4 IS
  • 50mm f1.8 mii
  • 100mm f2.8 Macro

Most of my work has been taken using a tripod (either a lightweight Velbon carbon fiber Sherpa 540 used for backpacking) or a heavy duty Gitzo Explorer 2220, and I have ensured that all files have passed stringent quality control with respect to optimal image quality, sharpness and exposure.


Selected published work and awards

Aug 2016 Landscape Editions Volume Four (Kozu books,purchase here)
Jul 2016 “In the Spotlight” feature in Outdoor Photography (interview)
Mar 2016 Lie of the Land feature in Outdoor Photography (commissioned)
2015 Highly commended portfolio of three images in the Scottish Landscape Photography Awards (SLPOTY)
2015 Shortlisted in the Outdoor Photographer of the Year (OPOTY) competition and photo included in the OPOTY Portfolio book
Sep 2015 Viewpoint of the Month in Outdoor Photography
Aug 2015 Photographer of the week in Landscape Photography Magazine
Aug 2015 4 x 4 Portfolio in On Landscape 97
Aug 2015 Reader Gallery in Outdoor Photography
Apr 2015 Reader Portfolio in Amateur Photographer Magazine
2014 1 photo shortlisted in the Scottish Nature Photography Awards



All photographs on this site are available for (non-exclusive) licensing, be it for commercial or editorial use. Please contact me if you have any queries. Clients so far include magazines such as Trail and The Scots magazine.
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