Dawn on Stac Pollaidh in Outdoor Photography

Reader gallery in Outdoor Photography

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I’m sure that seasoned photographers barely bat an eyelid when they have photos published in magazines, but I’m still thrilled beyond belief when my photographs appear in print, for thousands of people to see. This month, I am pleased that Outdoor Photography have featured two of my photos in their recurring reader gallery section for their August 2015 edition. Outdoor Photography is, in my humble opinion but I suppose an opinion which is widely shared, by some margin the most prestigious and important magazine for nature and landscape photographers alike in the UK but also abroad. It is one of the few photography magazines which I will always read when I have the chance, as the photography and stories are without exception mind blowing, and I always learn something new, even if it’s that my photography needs improving. A lot. I never ever dared to even fantasize about having any of my work in this magazine, and I suppose it is some sort of seal of approval that it has now become a reality.


As with my previous reader gallery in Amateur Photographer magazine, it again is a nice mix of a Scottish mountainscape and a seascape taken on my local East Lothian haunting grounds. Both images they have chosen were taken earlier this year, and are close to my heart. Needless to say that they look great printed large on the high-quality paper of Outdoor Photography. There is some tremendous work in this month’s edition, by among many others Lee Frost and Keith Partridge, all photographers I admire a lot, so that in itself should be enough to dash to the nearest newsagent and grab your copy 🙂


Seacliff beach in Outdoor Photography

Rough waters at Seacliff Beach.



Dawn on Stac Pollaidh in Outdoor Photography

An immensely foreboding sky at dawn on Stac Pollaidh.

A trip report from my trip up Stac Pollaidh can be found here, and more photographs of the Scottish East Coast can be found here

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