Partial solar eclipse from Edinburgh, Scotland

Cloudscapes of the partial solar eclipse

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The weeks and days prior to the partial solar eclipse from March 20th 2015 the event had stirred up a nation-wide mass-hysteria which seemed only rivaled by the excitement prior to the World up football. However, just as the hysteria surrounding the greatest display of the aurora in Britain, this one seemed to be, for good reasons, much more prevalent among photographers than in the general population as a whole. I had hence decided to let this event pass me by. Of course I was gonna have a sneak peek, but I was sure I would leave my camera gear behind.

However, with only half an hour to before the eclipse, I broke, and grabbed my photo gear. I was not going to miss this opportunity, as even though this was only a 93% eclipse, it would be unlikely that I would witness a comparable eclipse in the next few decades. I’m only human after all! as this was just a quick grab during work hours, I just ran off to the nearest bit of open space, a mere 2 min walk from home making no illusions that I would capture anything that would deviate positively from what thousands of others would come home with.

Photographing the eclipse was easier than I envisaged, though I wished I had a longer lens to my disposal than my 70-200 . Of course, this being Scotland, the clouds rolled in half an hour before the eclipse. But I decided to use the clouds to my advantage, and I used an exposure time long enough to blur the clouds ever so slightly, and create some moody almost abstract photographs instead of zoomed-in photos of the eclipse. In essence, my photographs are more moody cloudscapes with the eclipse only playing a supporting role.

Below you can find a couple of photos taken from the partial solar eclipse. All photos were taken in the Bruntsfield Links in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Partial solar eclipse from Edinburgh, Scotland

Partial solar eclipse from Edinburgh, Scotland

Abstract of the partial solar eclipse from Edinburgh, Scotland

Long exposure of the partial solar eclipse from Edinburgh, Scotland

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