photos in Reader Portfolio in Amateur photographer Magazine

Reader Portfolio in Amateur Photographer magazine

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I guess I can safely assume it’s every photographer’s wish to see their photos published. Sharing your work online is surely a lot of fun, and photos can reach a large audience if things work out well, but seeing your work in print in a magazine which is widely read is something different. This month getting published has finally become a reality for me. Four of my photos have been included in the Reader Portfolio section of Amateur Photographer magazine.

I’m pleased to say the least, but at the same time a little nervous too. Given that this is a photography magazine, the audience is probably much more demanding than the general audience, and will no doubt scrutinize my photos for sloping horizons or blocked shadows 🙂

I submitted a total of 14 images to Amateur Photographer, and I think that the editors have done a great job selecting and arranging the four shots. It’s a nice mix of seascapes and mountainscapes (the two main pillars of my portfolio at the moment) and they all exhibit a very similar and complementary  colour palette, which makes my humble images look pretty decent as a collection, and a lot less like a random set.

The final result can be seen below, and it looks even better in print (in the April 11 issue).

photos in Reader Portfolio in Amateur photographer Magazine

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