Brightly lit clouds above Beinn Dearg stand out against a backdrop of dark snow clouds at sunset

Kozu Books: Landscape Editions Volume Four, The Scottish Highlands

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I am absolutely thrilled to announce that Kozu Books will be publishing a photography book with my work as part of their Landscape Editions series with the title “The Scottish Highlands”. I was honoured to be contacted by Greg, as along with this one, two other books in this series are announced, both by photographers I admire very much (Finn Hopson and Chris Swan).

The Landscape Editions series is a great concept, as the books are small (meaning portable), very affordable, but print quality is truly fantastic. I have a couple of books from this series already, and I keep going back to them.

As expected, most of the photographs will feature hills and mountains, one way or another. While many photos will be known to those who follow my work closely, the book will also feature some new work that I have deliberately held back, so the book should have something to offer for everyone.


About the book:

The photos in this book are part of a several-year long and still ongoing endeavour to portray the raw beauty of the hills of the Scottish Highlands. Unlike many who undertake such projects, I haven’t focused on a single defined geographical area, though the majority of my photographic forays have taken me to the Western and North-Western Highlands. From the vast but also familiar landscapes of Rannoch Moor and Glen Coe, to the relentlessly steep slopes of the hills in Kintail and the rugged and shapely mountain massifs of Torridon and Wester Ross, I have spent many hours in the hills, with specific destinations often primarily being determined by where the weather forecast looked most favourable.

As a keen hiker, it was only natural that most of my work has been done from elevated positions while walking in the hills and mountains. I have often been camping on summits, whatever the season, which is not only therapeutic but also made it possible to wait for the right conditions, which would have been a lot more problematic if I had only been out for a day. Following such a slower approach enabled a stronger connection with the landscape and the flora and fauna inhabiting the remote upland areas.

With this project I hope to aid with a greater appreciation of the unrivalled grandeur of the hills of the Scottish highlands, and the need to protect them from the many anthropogenic threats they are faced with. At the same time I hope to motivate photographers to explore the places beyond the locations so familiar to many of us, and be spellbound by the lesser frequented but equally diverse and staggeringly beautiful landscapes in the remoter parts of the Highlands.


Book specifications:

Landscape Editions Volume Four – Photobook

Size: 200mm X 150mm Portrait

Soft Cover: GF Smith Colorplan Cover 350gsm

Text: 48pp Fedrigoni Silk 170gsm

Perfect Bound

Limited Edition of 100



Some samples of photos that will be included in the book:

Stob Dearg sidelit by the early morning light
Brightly lit clouds above Beinn Dearg stand out against a backdrop of dark snow clouds at sunset


The book is available for pre-order, and shipment will be in early August. If you’re interested I presume you will have to order soon, as this is a limited edition book with a print run of 100 copies.

Please purchase your copy from the publisher’s website.

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